DecisionLogic is the secure way for lenders to make accurate and efficient loan decisions.


DecisionLogic’s Instant Account Verification is a service developed for the lending industry enabling accurate and timely loan decisions. Our data provider has been the worldwide leading and patented aggregation company for personal financial management and payment solutions for over 13 years. DecisionLogic has harnessed this technology bringing to the market a solution that is innovative, easy to use, efficient, and secure.

How is DecisionLogic Secure?

DecisionLogic takes security very seriously. We use 256-bit encryption. Our web site is monitored and verified by Verisign. DecisionLogic is a "read-only" service and cannot be used to move funds in or out of any account.

How does DecisionLogic work?

When a borrower selects a financial institution and enters their credentials, DecisionLogic securely transmits them to secure aggregation servers allowing them to retrieve account information in “read-only” mode.

Do you store my bank login information on the DecisionLogic servers?

Your login information is passed securely to the data provider which establishes the connection. DecisionLogic does not retain your login information and your login information is never displayed anywhere.

What should I do if I am concerned about the security of my login information?

If you go to your financial institution and change your login information then DecisionLogic and our data provider cannot access your information from that institution unless you come back to DecisionLogic and provide the new information.