About DecisionLogic

DecisionLogic is an advanced bank verification system enabling lenders to instantly verify a potential borrower’s banking information online and in real-time. Previous methods for performing this process created many problems for both the lender and borrower, including inconvenience, delay, inaccuracy and fraud. DecisionLogic is the originator of this technology. It is the mission of the company to improve subprime asset verification for both the borrower and lender, improving the industry and creating opportunities for a large portion of the population to access financial assets which can be so critically important to their well-being.

Executive Team

Carl Fredericks Chief Executive Officer
Carl has an extensive business background including President of a local computer retailer, Vice President of an IBM Business Partner and Chief Operating Officer of a major internet site. During his business career Carl has operated in a wide variety of responsibilities including as an accomplished account manager either directly or indirectly managing thousands of major accounts including prestigious government, industrial, and financial institutions. Carl graduated top of his class with a BS in Business Administration from University of Redlands.
David Evans President
David has 25 years of leadership in business and technology, with more than a decade as Chief Technology Officer. He authored and taught Master’s degree courses at Universities in the UK and Singapore. David has worked as a Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, the first Multimedia Producer for the BBC (London), in Marketing & Technology at Cendant, CTO at Jobing.com, CTO at Moneywise.com and Executive Producer of AOL International where he co-founded AOL UK, and AOL Canada. David graduated with a B.Sc. (Honors) in computer engineering in 1987.

DecisionLogic is wholly owned and operated by Clarilogic, Inc., a California corporation.